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Yoga For Bigger Bodies Gentle Flow

This series is open to all shapes, ability levels, and sizes.

Yoga for Bigger Bodies Gentle Flow is a 3-week series designed for students who are familiar with Yoga and have a regular practice. Find joyful movement and embody flow that feeds your soul! Great for those introverted yoga folks who enjoy movement but maybe don’t want to go partying on a Saturday night! These classes will be gentle and fun, slow and steady. We'll explore a variety of seated, lying (back & belly) asana on the floor as well as sit/stand/kneeling postures. You might build a little heat in the body, you might enjoy the challenge of experiencing new ways to be in practice, but you'll always honor yourself and your breath by choosing the pace, options, and props that support you in your body.

This series is open to all shapes, ability levels and sizes. This is an inclusive and nonjudgmental class that emphasizes Health At Every Size®, body acceptance, and joyful movement. There are no weight/size requirements as everyone is welcome.

Please bring:

  • An open heart, curiosity, kindness, and a healthy dose of patience to meet yourself where you're at.

  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one, otherwise, you can borrow one from the studio.

Dates / Times / Format

3 Saturdays in April

April 13th, April 20th, & April 27th

6:30pm - 8:00pm



Amplifier: $105 - Pays for your spot and supports others

Sustainer: $90 - Pays for your spot

Supported: $75 - A need-based discounted rate. Please select this rate if you cannot afford the regular rate. See our equity pricing information to determine whether this rate is for you.

Fragrance Notice:

Our studio is a fragrance-free zone. Please avoid wearing or using scented products at the studio. Natural and synthetic scents such as essential oils and scented personal care products, laundry detergents, and perfumes cause debilitating symptoms for some of our community members. Thank you for being a part of creating a more accessible space.

COVID Safety

There are no requirements for this series. Masking is optional and we ask that you stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of illness.

About Bethany Batsell

I am a fair-skinned, fat, Black, woman with African and European ancestry. My pronouns are she/her. I recognize the privilege and responsibility of my multi-ethnic identities and also honor the adversity and hardship. Throughout my life, from singing to dancing to running to living - I struggled to fully access my breath, to find my voice and to "fit -in". Growing up in small, rural towns and changing schools often, I was always judged and scrutinized by my image. Always asked “what are you”? Practicing yoga has helped me to turn my attention inwards to find wholeness and home within me. I learned more about my relationship with my body and how to trust it’s strength and resilience, to amplify my voice, and to honor my boundaries and find belonging in the body I have today. My love and gratitude for Yoga and a deeper connection to my whole self unfold from the inside out, the more I learn and practice.  It helps me let go of image and perfection to reclaim body trust and liberation. It’s a daily practice. I am honored to share my experiences of transformation and to teach others how Yoga can support joy, healing, love and self-acceptance from the inside out.


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