"I've always felt at home in classes at BYMC. I love how they hold space to feel and reflect. I appreciate the racial justice work and supporting BIPOC teachers and students." - BYMC Student


Our yoga and movement practices can be healing salves and portals for exploration. They are transformative agents that help us be with the complexity and richness of our current circumstances, histories, and possible futures. Let's move, breathe, grow and build together! 

Tara Sonali Miller and Zeyah Rogé stepped into leadership at the Center in the Fall of 2021 with their passions for generative collaboration and critical engagement. They hope to curate a space that sustains and inspires folks to engage with themselves and others in more just, intentional, and generative ways.


The text on the studio wall is in Sanskrit and can be translated to, “A leaf, a flower. fruit. water—whatever is offered to me with a pure heart, I accept that devotional offering.” ~Bhagavad Gita v. 9:26

The Center was founded by Lisa Mae Osborn in 2007 and was named after the yoga tradition she was, and continues to be, deeply connected to: Bhakti. This particular branch of yoga emphasizes devotion and service as a spiritual practice.


Our Classes

We welcome all of you: your laughter, tears, and desire for rest and connection. We resist perfectionism and the ways that Western yoga and wellness industries have caused harm by centering white, skinny, cis gendered and able-bodied people. We are students first and always and share what excites us in our own practices to help inspire yours. We are well-studied in anatomy and trauma-informed approaches and utilize props and creative explorations to deepen practice.

What is the difference between Yoga 1, 2, and 3?

These titles are intentionally vague to give room for our teachers to share what is currently exciting them in their own practice and lives. Rather than focusing too much on the level, we recommend taking a bunch of classes until you find the levels and teachers that you resonate with most. With that said... here are some basic parameters: Level 1 These classes tend to be slower moving with simpler physical movements and more explanation about how to approach the practices. They are great for reviewing or learning the basics. Some of our most seasoned students regularly attend... and it's a great place to start if you are brand new to yoga. Level 2 These classes may include more challenging physical postures and less explanation, however they may still be slow-going or relatively simple in order to sink into subtlety. Compared to level 1, you can expect more weight bearing postures that require some amount of balance and strength, such as downward facing dog. Level 3 These classes can be really fun for those of you who want to geek out on the practices by going into greater detail or for those of you who need less explanation and can move more fluidly between postures. Depending on the day, the teacher may suggest much more phsycially demanding postures, such as handstands, or might go super deep into meditation - both very challenging practices! Great for yoga geeks and seasoned movers.

What other types of classes do you offer?

Specialized Classes Functional Strength is taught by a group of rotating teachers who share their passion for functional movement, pilates, and other creative body-weight movement practices. This class is great for those who want to infuse mindfulness into their strength training and would be very supportive to those of you who are naturally flexible. Yin Yoga focuses on yielding and generating flow through deep stretching. Stretches are held for several minutes. This intense practice can be beneficial for those of you who are tightly wound. Please take extra caution if you are naturally flexible and talk with the teacher about how to support yourself so you don't overstretch. Gentle Yoga: Restore and Renew is a slow-paced class, perfect for when you need both: movement and rest. This class focuses on unwinding tension and settling the nervous system. Depending on the focus on a particular day, the class may lean more toward gentle movements or more toward resting in supported postures. This restorative class will promote deep relaxation so that you can sink into and soften your mind and body. Great for anybody who craves it and specifically helpful for folks who are experiencing stress and chronic pain. Seasonal Classes We regularly host classes to celebrate natural rhythms, such as solstice and moon-phase classes. We also host a few holiday classes every year and donate the proceeds to organizations and indivuals doing amazing work in the community. Workshops Keep an eye out for our upcoming workshops from in-house and visiting teachers. This is a great opportunity to deepen your practice and knowledge. We regularly offer workshops on Ayurveda, post-natal support and recovery, anatomy and functional movement, yoga practices, and much more.

Do you have classes for specific groups, i.e. BIPOC-only classes, Yoga for Pregnant People, Folks with Chronic Pain, etc?

Yes! We offer classes for specific groups of people with shared experiences and identities. This programming shifts as we receive feedback from our communities about what is wanted/needed and as we have the appropriate teachers. Pre and Postnatal Yoga Pregnant people can attend our prenatal classes taught by professional and well-seasoned birthworkers. Build community and prepare your body and mind for birth. If you recently gave birth, check out our Postpartum and Restore Your Core series'. Identity-Based Classes ( BIPOC-Only, LGBT2SQ, etc) These classes are refuges for folks to turn their attention toward their practices within the safety and comfort of their peers. There is a lot of energy that gets zapped by being in a general group class when you are one of the few Black or brown people in the room or the only non-binary or trans person in the room. Being in a class where your identities are better reflected by the teacher and students can facilitate relief, a sense of belonging, and the ability to focus energy inward and on your practice. Please check out the schedule to see our current identity-based offerings. Chronic Pain, Stress, and Trauma We offer several classes that are great therapeutic and accessible options. Accessible Yoga (formally, Aging Gently) is great for folks who have a hard time getting up and down from the floor. A chair is used throughout class to sit in and to help with balance during standing postures. The class is taught at a slower pace. It is available on a sliding scale to consider fixed-income. Gentle Yoga: Restore and Renew focuses on gently unwinding tension and resting deeply in well-supported postures. The practice focuses mostly on settling and balancing the nervous system. Yoga 1 is taught by seasoned teachers who have in depth training in trauma-informed approaches and anatomy. Great for folks who are healing physically and emotionally.

Meet Our Teachers