"I've always felt at home in classes at BYMC. I love how they hold space to feel and reflect. I appreciate the racial justice work and supporting BIPOC teachers and students." - BYMC Student


Our yoga and movement practices can be healing salves and portals for exploration. They are transformative agents that help us be with the complexity and richness of our current circumstances, histories, and possible futures. Let's move, breathe, grow and build together! 

Tara Sonali Miller and Zeyah Rogé stepped into leadership at the Center in the Fall of 2021 with their passions for generative collaboration and critical engagement. They hope to curate a space that sustains and inspires folks to engage with themselves and others in more just, intentional, and generative ways.


The text on the studio wall is in Sanskrit and can be translated to, “A leaf, a flower. fruit. water—whatever is offered to me with a pure heart, I accept that devotional offering.” ~Bhagavad Gita v. 9:26


The Center was founded by Lisa Mae Osborn in 2007 and was named after the yoga tradition she was, and continues to be, deeply connected to: Bhakti. This particular branch of yoga emphasizes devotion and service as a spiritual practice.


Our Classes

We welcome all of you: your laughter, tears, and desire for rest and connection. We resist perfectionism and the ways that Western yoga and wellness industries have caused harm by centering white, skinny, cis gendered and able-bodied people. We are students first and always and share what excites us in our own practices to help inspire yours. We are well-studied in anatomy and trauma-informed approaches and utilize props and creative explorations to deepen practice.

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Meet Our Teachers