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Grounding in Access + Disability Justice

A half-day workshop For Yoga + Movement Teachers

In this workshop, you'll gain an understanding and awareness of disability justice and access in general, with specific applications to yoga and movement. This workshop is especially useful for yoga and movement teachers, as well as practitioners who want to be more aware of these concepts and practical applications in yoga and movement spaces. All are welcome!

This workshop is part of our Yoga School and Teacher Training and will be centered on the learning and questions of our cohort.

Together, we'll ground in the collective origins, meaning, and practice of disability justice and access. We'll review and build a common understanding of:

- access and accommodations

- access needs

- access tools

- access intimacy

- community care and collective access practice

- the ways ableism impacts all of our lives collectively and individually.

We will discuss the intersections of disability and disability justice with wellness and yoga, examining the ways we contribute to ableism as practitioners and teachers, and how we can disrupt ableism. Through the workshop, you'll gain tools to unlearn ableism and learn ways to practice access and disability justice in everyday life, as well as tangible actions to compassionately investigate yoga and wellness practices.

Feel free to wear comfortable clothes, eat snacks, and be prepared with note-taking materials.


Saturday, April 6th

1:00 - 5:00pm PST




3 free spots are available for for Black, Indigenous, Palestinian, People of Color who are disabled movement practitioners - reach out:


Playback recordings will be available for one month following the workshop to support your continued practice.

About Rise

Rise is a queer Black disabled genderfluid femmeboi from St. Louis, MO. They have been living on Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and Odawa territory (Chicago) for the past 16 years.

Rise is a visual artist, poet, full-spectrum (birth/postpartum/grief & loss/abortion) birthworker, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, gender-affirming and trauma-informed care and disability justice educator, access consultant and community care worker.

Rise is deeply invested in disability justice, access, centering wellness for Black queer folk, trauma education, and rest. When not doing the most, they enjoy daydreaming, dancing, and hanging with their support pup, Jelly Ferocious.

Rise started Riotous Roots 2 years ago after quitting their job as a means to house their talents, passions, and dreams for their communities in one place. You can learn more about them at or @riotous_roots


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