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Equity Pricing Program

We are South Asian, BIPOC, and queer-owned small business striving to ensure that everyone who wants to practice yoga and other embodied healing practices can. 

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Collective Care

In addition to offering by-donation options and memberships that greatly reduce the cost of drop-in classes (see our rates page for more information), we also offer equity pricing. This program attempts to push back against income inequity, generally, and the ways that Black and Indigenous people, other People of Color, queer and trans folks and people with disabilities are disproportionately and systematically impacted by barriers to healthcare and wellness services, specifically. Our students who pay full price and who donate to our Community Fund create capacity for others to access yoga, and through this we create a system for collective care. 

Who this Program Centers

Our intention is that equity pricing primarily benefits people who hold marginalized identities (Black/Indigenous/POC, disabled, larger-bodied, low-income, LGBTQIA+, etc.). Wondering if this program is right for you? Check out the Green Image Bottle self-assessment tool below. This assessment was created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk who has helpful insights on sliding scale pay structures and the difference between financial sacrifice versus hardship. We encourage you to check out Alexis’ website to learn more.

Equity Pricing Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Relate mostly to the bottle on the right? This program is for you!

Relate mostly to the bottle in the middle? This program is also for you however we ask that you pay higher on the sliding scale range. The lowest on the sliding scale range is reserved for folks who hold multiple marginalized identities and who relate most to what is described in the bottle on the right.

If you relate mostly to the bottle on the left then this program is likely not for you and we encourage you to check out our class cards and memberships, which offer reduced rates compared to the drop-in cost. 

If you don't see where you fit in this model or are experiencing outlying circumstances that cause a need for equity pricing, please reach out and we'll help assess.

Equity Pricing Options

10-Class Card

Sliding scale: $85 - $179. See self assessment above to determine where you fall on the scale. Pay in full or in installments (up to four). This card is valid for in-person & livestream classes and expires in 4 months.


Discounts depends on the capacity of the Center and facilitator(s). Please Let us know which workshop you're interested in and what you're able to pay. We'll see what's possible and get back to you soon!

Request Equity Pricing

Request details: Please send us an email ( with the following.

  • Are you requesting workshop equity pricing? If so, for what workshop and what are you able to pay? 

  • Are you requesting 10-class card equity pricing? If so, what are you able to pay from $85 - $179? Are you able to pay up front or are you requesting to pay in installments? We can accommodate up to four payments over the four month period that the card is valid. 

  • Do you hold any of the identities that this program aims to center? I.e. people who hold marginalized identities, for example, Black/Indigenous/POC, disabled, larger-bodied, low-income, LGBTQIA+, etc. 

  • If you’re comfortable, can you share which, if any, of the identities above you align and share about your employment and/or student status. This information will help us track who this program is reaching. 

  • Please provide your first and last name, email (if you have access to email), and phone number.

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