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Weekly In-person & Livestream Classes

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Slow + Steady - Foundations

Level 1, good for pregnant folks new to yoga

A class for total beginners and those who enjoy taking it slow. Learn the basics of yoga and other movement techniques that gently condition the body. Transitions are gradual and everything is explained in detail with lots of suggestions on how to use props.

Keywords: hatha yoga, gentle yoga, beginner yoga, yoga 1


Align + Flow

Level 2

For continuing practitioners or for folks who are okay jumping in without a lot of details on the basics. Find grounded and fluid expression as you move with breath, explore alignment, and practice more challenging asanas (yoga postures) and movements.

Keywords: hatha flow, slow inyasa, Yoga 2


Accessible Yoga

Level 1, by donation, good for pregnant folks new to yoga

A gentle class that utilizes the support of a chair and other props for people with mobility challenges, chronic pain and injury. Yoga, functional movement and strength training are used to enhance range of motion and flexibility, build strength and improve coordination and balance.

Keywords: chair yoga, yoga for elders, rehabilitative practices


Prenatal yoga

All Levels, affinity space for pregnant folks 


Connect to your emotional strength and confidence and prepare for labor and birth. Build community with a cohort of other pregnant folks. All pregnant people are welcome, including: single parents, those planning to adopt out, gender non-conforming folks, and surrogates.

Keywords: pregnancy support, birth preparation

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Gentle Pilates

All level

Great for injury prevention and rehab. Take a therapeutic approach to Pilates to build and restore strength, mobility, and stability. All props will be provided at the studio. If you are practicing at home, please make sure to have the necessary tools: Foam roller - 36 inch long, 6 inch wide; Core ball - soft, 9 inch ball; Massage balls - set of two 2.5 inch balls.

Keywords: strength and conditioning for all


Slow + Steady

All levels

A slower paced practice with a focus on the basics, details on how to transition between postures, and suggestions for how to use yoga props. Build strength and flexibility for a sustainable practice  Each instructor brings their unique perspective and approach - check out their bios and take their classes to learn more.

Keywords: hatha yoga, yoga 1


Restore + Release

All levels, good for pregnant folks new to yoga

A slow-paced class, for when you need both: gentle movement and rest. Unwind tension and settle the nervous system. Deeply relax and soften your mind and body. Great for anybody who craves it and specifically helpful for folks who are experiencing stress and chronic pain.

Keywords: restorative yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga


Strength + Self Massage

All levels

Focus on strength, balance, and coordination and end with nourishing self massage. This unique fitness class is inspired by physical therapy and functional strength techniques that will leave you feeling confident and capable of taking on life’s daily tasks and adventures. 

Keywords: functional movement, strength training


BIPOC-Only Yoga &

Queer + Trans Yoga

All levels, by donation


These dedicated classes are for people with shared identities.Build community. and enjoy a healing space for reflection and embodiment. These classes are taught as Slow + Steady (see description above) and led by instructors who share these identities.

Keywords: community yoga, LGBT2SQ


Community Meditation & Pranayama

All levels, by donation, good for pregnant folks new to yoga


Teachers rotate to guide 30 minute practices based on what they are currently inspired by. You may practice mindfulness, guided imagery, and breath practices.  

Keywords: mindfulness, meditation, breathing practices


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