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Winter Solstice Benefit Class - Live Music & Candle-lit Yoga

Be transported through the threshold of the darkest day of the year with gentle, meditative and restorative yoga accompanied by live piano music, candle light, and tea. Anna Diem offers healing piano music that will wrap and lull you into a sweet soft space while Zeyah guides you through yoga postures and creative movement that will release your tensions and make way for profound rest.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the BIPOC Scholarship Fund. This fund supports aspiring healers who want to go through the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center's Yoga School and Teacher Training program.

Date / Time / Format

Wednesday, December 21st

7:15pm - 8:30pm

In-person at the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center

25% off for members and BYMC teachers!

Covid - Safety Guidelines

Proof of vaccination is required

Consent-based unmasking: if one person needs everyone to remained masked then we all will. But if not, then each person can choose for themselves. Eyes-down poll will be taken at the beginning of class to determine how to proceed with masks.

About the Facilitators

Zeyah Rogé (She / Her, They / Them)

Zeyah is a yoga instructor and professional massage therapist with a masters in somatic psychology. Zeyah's classes weave these wisdom streams together to create a healing and grounding experience.

Anna Diem (They / Them, She / Her)

Anna Diem is a Portland OR based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, spending most of her time exploring the alt-pop genre.

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