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Tender Loving Breath: Pranayama as a Practice of Self-Nurturing

Join Madeline Ammar for this 4-week series focusing on pranayama as a practice of self nurturing.

This workshop provides a foundational roadmap to the practice of pranayama. Learn about the centrality of breath to the larger systems of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga practice; the role of Nadis and Vayus in the movement of vital energy through breath; cultivating a practice of befriending your inner observer and integrating simple postures to support self-inquiry and opening of energetic channels.

We’ll come to understand ways pranayama can function as a core practice for both self-nurturing and liberation. We may even wax poetic about leaders of justice movements who have used breath practices and vital energy movement in their work for liberation. Participants will be encouraged to commit to a consistent (can be daily or weekly) pranayama practice throughout the weeks of the workshop.

Dates and Times:

4 Thursdays: April 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th

7:00pm - 8:00pm PST



$150 for full series

To request equity pricing, contact

About Madeline Ammar (they/them)

"I learned about sequencing and creating a chakra-based flow from my 200-hour certification in San Francisco, CA from Laughing Lotus Yoga School (now Body & Soul). I learned how to critically examine modern yoga, push back against ableism in yoga, and design yoga programs to be accessible and rooted in Black anti-capitalist feminism through my 300-hour from Piedmont Yoga in 2015. I aim to teach with creativity, compassion, and sensitivity to all that we are and bring into the room. No wrong emotions, no wrong way to be -- bring your full-bodied, full-souled self and I'll bring the space. I weave into my classes teachings on interpersonal neurobiology, Vajrayana Buddhism, somatic trauma resolution, and ritual as communication with mind body, and spirit."


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