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Moon Salutations with Danielle Jones

Our Lunar Series is a designated time and space to align breath, body, and intention with the phases of the moon. Our teachers rotate as guides for these classes and bring their own special magic. Each teacher runs the class differently so stay tuned for the specifics of each class.

November Dark and Full Moons Honor Rhythm

Danielle Jones will guide us through chandra namaskar, moon salutations, as a way to connect with the cyclical rhythms of nature and our bodies. Bring a journal to note the intentions and reflections that arise during this rich times of the month.


Timing, Format and Cost

You are welcome to join on one or both classes.

Format: In-person* and Livestream

*see our In-Person practice guidelines

Dates and Times: 19th, 7-8:15pm.

Cost: Regular pricing, including class cards, memberships, and drop-in. Equity pricing is available - please be in touch:


About Danielle Jones

Danielle is a compassionate facilitator of learning and movement. She is passionate about the environment and listens deeply to the teachings of Mother Nature. Danielle brings this reverence along with a spirit of wonder and play to her teaching.


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