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Yoga Context: Unpacking Cultural and Historical Context of Yoga Today

Too often, yoga practitioners and teachers in the West engage in the practices of yoga without a rooted understanding of yoga’s true origins in South Asia, and its role in our modern world, both in the West and in the cultures it originates from. This workshop is an introduction to various concepts that are important to refining yoga teachers’ critical thinking about and understanding of the cultural and historical context of yoga, including cultural appropriation, Brahminism vs. Hinduism, caste oppression, islamophobia, and more.

Participants will receive about 10 hours worth of on-your-own reflection and pre-work and are expected to complete this prior to the live workshop. This workshop will likely be followed by additional sessions to deepen and expand this initial learning.

Register by June 1st!


This workshop is for yoga teachers who have experience with and commitment to racial justice.



Dates and Time

Friday, June 10th, 5:30-8pm



10% of proceeds will be donated to Equality Labs

Register by June 1st!


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