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Yin Yoga Fundraiser for Ori Gallery

Join Sahar for a Yin Yoga practice while supporting Ori Gallery

Unwind with a Yin practice with Sahar - Yin is a slow passive practice of taking longer holds for several minutes to help ease tension in both the body and mind and to find deeper release and relief. Stick around after for some tea.

This class is a fundraiser for Ori Gallery. Ori is both an organizing collective and a physical art space located in the historically Black Mississippi neighborhood in Portland, OR. Borne of shared dreams for autonomy, agency, and abundance as Black Queer Trans creators; Ori was founded by and for community members seeking to carve out our own spaces rather than fighting for recognition from primarily white institutions.

Support Ori repair and retain their physical space so that they can continue to live and breathe their vision to it's fullest.

Learn more about Ori here and about their current fundraiser here.

Dates, Times and Format:

Saturday, Feb 17th, 2:00 - 3:00pm

In-Person and Livestream

Suggested Donation:

 $20 - $100



Fragrance Notice:

Our studio is a fragrance-free zone. Please avoid wearing or using scented products at the studio. Natural and synthetic scents such as essential oils and scented personal care products, laundry detergents, and perfumes cause debilitating symptoms for some of our community members.

Covid Safety:

Masking is required and we ask that you stay home and join the livestream class if you are experiencing symptoms of illness.

About Sahar Yarjani:

Sahar (they/she) has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and has been a teacher since 2017. They have continued their education since, completing Living Yoga's trauma-informed teaching program, 100-hour Yin training, and delved deeper into Restorative yoga, Nidra, and meditation. They teach at the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center and several other spaces.

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