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The Gift of our Angry Landscapes

Join Kirin Bhatti for an experiential workshop using our bodies, nature and regenerative leadership principles to harness the power of our collective and personal anger into sacred rage. Rage that can cleanse our spirits and connect us with our collective power.

This class will include personal practice, somatic exercises, as well as group sharing and group coaching, through a trauma-in

formed approach. No prior experience needed.

Date, Time and Format

Aug 29th, 1:30-3:00pm




Equity pricing available - reach out at

About Kirin

I come from a long lineage of earth based Punjabi healers and activists. I carry my lineage forward as a student and servant of the earth, nurturing a movement of Seasoned Leaders - change-makers and organizations curious to learn from the earth, seasons and one another how to deeply heal ourselves in order to restore balance and justice in our communities, earth and systems. With nature and community as the primary teacher, my students receive a visceral guide on how to transform toxic cycles of work fed by burn-out, fixing, colonial norms and urgency, into leadership that regenerates. My medicine is simple yet profound. I welcome you into my heart, into a community of caring humxns, into a breathtaking relationship with the earth and yourself.


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