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Strong Core, Mobile Center

Having a strong core seems to be the answer to all of life's problems in the movement world - but what does it really mean? What is the "core?"

In this workshop we will learn to embody core strength without tension, discovering the action (and interaction) of each of the abdominals muscles, the iliopsoas and the diaphragm. This is super-functional core awareness and working with these areas will allow you to move in all directions with the feeling of support instead of grip; to receive all the wonderful benefits of full, efficient breathing; and to just generally feel more centered in life. We will explore this in general movement as well as some of your favorite yoga poses.

All levels welcome.

Date and Time

Sunday, October 30th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm


In-person* and Livestream**

*In-person spaces are limited.

**For livestream participants, please see the Props section below



Equity pricing available - email


Props will be provided for in-persons students. For livestream students please secure these props in advance:

-a foam roller/rolled up mat/blanket or towel that can be rolled up

-a small towel or small throw blanket

-a theraband/strap or scarf

-two balls: ideally Franklin Method balls, which can be borrowed or purchased from Ali, or alternatively, two tennis balls will work as well

About Ali:

I am forever fascinated by movement and change and I am forever studying all that we’re made of, whether it’s with embodied anatomical study in the Franklin Method or dissection with Gil Hedley. I’m curious about interacting with our own mental patterns and have learned a lot about that from working with my two German Shepherds, as well as studying the Sutras.

Since 2007 I’ve run Working with Yoga, bringing workplace yoga/movement to companies and I also lead back care classes at Rebound Physical Therapy which led to the creation a video series for therapeutic movement called ThrUMovement. Along with yoga, I teach Franklin Method to the Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Portland Opera and Oregon School of Massage and as Faculty, I teach for and coordinate the Franklin Method Teacher Trainings. I co-wrote Understanding the Pelvis with Eric Franklin and hope to be able to offer more insights in future works on how we can include more helpful imagery within our yoga practices.

I strive to offer thoughtful, supportive, light-hearted classes with enough space for students to turn inward and enough useable information to learn more about ourselves.

Along with teaching and writing, I love to dance samba and salsa and play my own original music (often with my percussionist husband). I’m a stepmother to two awesome humans, a mama to two wildly intelligent dogs and I will forever be trying to learn Spanish.


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