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Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga

Quartz Crystal bowls, Likembis & other healing sounds along with Alberta's voice will create a 1 hour soundscape for you to receive Tara’s guidance to stretch, meditate, lay and receive tones aligned with the chakras.

Dates, Time and Schedule

Sunday, July 3rd, 5:45pm - 7:30pm

5:45-6:00 ... Arrival & Settling

6:00-7:00pm ... Sound Healing & Restorative yoga

7:00-7:15 ... Reflections & Reverberations

About Sound Healing

These instruments are deeply meditative. Known to be helpful with extended trauma release, chakra balancing, and full body reset. These instruments are often an optimal way to access and release the nervous system when stress, or healing is intense in the body.

Some of these instruments are ancestrally and intergenerationally connected to Alberta, and all of them have helped them heal their own past trauma. It is a noninvasive yet powerfully energetic treatment. A state of peace, suspension and emotional release is a common response to receiving a sound bath of this kind.

If you'd like to learn more about sound healing, would like to get in touch with the coordinator, or book an Individual Bodywork session, Sound healing or Group session, visit their Website and follow them on Instagram @bodysoundsoul.

Cost + Equity Pricing


This restorative yoga & sound healing is open to the whole community and is intended to center and uplift our QTBIPOC community due to the extensive historical and current racism we experience on a regular basis. We need spaces to reset our nervous systems.

If you do not identify as BIPOC and are able, please consider donating a ticket to a friend of color so they can access this event as well.If you do identify as BIPOC, and cannot afford access to a ticket, contactTara at The Bhakti movement center or message Alberta @bodysoundsoul or for a sliding scale promo code.


In-Person Only - space is limited.

What to Bring

Please bring your own mat - We have plenty of blankets, bolsters, blocks, and other props for you!


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