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Root & Flow Benefit Class

Gather with Zeyah Rogé for a practice of deep embodied listening and gentle heart opening. Enjoy a mix of flow and stillness, gentle unwinding, and a little heat in this "all-levels" Yoga 2-ish class.


November 25th, 10:00 - 11:30am

Format: In-Person* & Livestream

*Please visit our website to learn more about our covid safety protocols.

Suggested Donation of 25, 75, or 100. Equity pricing available, reach out to us at

About Zeyah Rogé

Yoga and somatic practices have taught me about embodied curiosity - a state of deep, whole body listening and responsiveness- where I can attune more fully, engage more critically, and show up more open heartedly.

I bring my decades of experience and skill as a bodyworker, student and teacher of anatomy, a somatic psychotherapist, and activist, to this work of community building, yoga, and somatic practices. My teachers, mentors and brilliant peers are with me always and I feel their influence and support to help guide my actions with integrity. All of this feeds my heart’s intentions to create opportunities for genuine and brave connections where we can heal, grow, and become something much more radical and free than we can ever imagine from where we are now.


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