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Postpartum Yoga & Movement 6-Part Series

A 6-Part series composed of yoga and stabilizing movement for those that have birthed a child within the last six months. Classes will have time for connecting with others having similar experiences, learning practices to help stay present, to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor and become aware of real life movement patterns that will help you feel strong and able. Each week will build on the last class, so that we create a full container to hold this experience of parenting in the body and in the heart. We will meet in community via livestream online. Babies are welcome with mute buttons on! Recordings will be available for 1 week after each class.

Timing, Format and Cost

Format: Livestream

Dates and Times: 6-Part Series meeting on Tuesdays, 5/3 - 6/7, 10:30am - 11:45am. Cost: $120.

Equity pricing is available - please be in touch:


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