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Slow and Steady Fundraiser Class with Danielle Hanna

Join us for a beginner friendly yoga practice infused with poetry, pranayama (breath-based energy work), Breath-linked movement, and restorative postures to rest into as we move to the turn of the year. Fundraiser for Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

Dates, Time, and Format:

Monday, Dec. 25th, 2:00 - 3:15pm



Donation-based class with all proceeds going to the Fundraiser for Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

About Danielle Hanna

I love languages, cultures, timeless wisdom backed by age old scripture, art in its many, many forms, experimenting, nature, laughing, taking chances, pure, from the heart because that’s all I've got: Faith and LOVE. And when I met Ayurveda and realized there was a science and practice for all of this love, I was STRUCK. For the first time for me, all of my passions, interests and sincere beliefs had a vehicle, a masterpiece, a complete practice and study: the age old, time honored, wise, completely sensical, Ayurveda.

I am a forever student. I believe this to be one of my core oaths. As such, I think I will always be in school. I hold my Masters of Arts in Ayurveda (M.A., C.A.P.) through the NAMA and from the beautiful community in the Watsonville, CA, the Mt. Madonna Institute. I have had the good fortune to receive sincere training there by amazing teachers, for which I am eternally inspired and grateful. I completed my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification (C.A.P.) there as well.


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