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Nourishing from Within: the art of teaching restorative yoga

A two-day continuing education workshop for yoga teachers and other movement professionals.

In this continuing education workshop you will learn the art of supporting the nervous system and the wisdom of rest and restoration. Through restorative experiential practices and lecture you will learn Ayurvedic and Yogic approaches to pranayama, posture sequencing, seasonal attunement. Yoga teachers and practitioners, healers and those in helping and caring professions can benefit from this training to either support others or apply it to your personal practice.

Dates / Times / Format

Friday, May 12, 7-8:30pm PST and Saturday, May 13, 2-6pm PST


*In-person capacity is limited - sign up early to reserve your spot


Amplifier: $129 - Pays for your spot and supports others

Sustainer: $115 - Pays for your spot

Supported: $99 - A need-based discounted rate. Please select this rate if you cannot afford the regular rate. See our Equity Pricing information to determine whether this rate is for you.

COVID Safety

Please email your proof of COVID vaccination to or provide proof of a negative test within 24 hours of the event. Wear a mask when you arrive to the studio. We will conduct an anonymous poll at the start of class to see if anybody needs everyone to stay masked to be safe. If that need isn't present then individuals can choose to practice with or without masks. This is the best way for us to care for our most vulnerable.

About Danielle Hanna

Danielle Hanna (she/her) is a licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher who specializes in supporting others through these wise holistic health sciences. Having taught and practiced restorative yoga for over a decade, Danielle uses the principles of Ayurveda to inform her work as well as her own practices.


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