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May Sound Bath with Yaara Valey

A live musical and Healing Experience

Enjoy this intimate musical and healing experience in the holding of our SE Portland studio. You're welcome to lie down in restorative poses with the use of the studio’s props or move quietly in any way that feels good on your mat.

About Yaara Valey

Yaara is a talented artist and musician who has a passion for harnessing the healing potential of sound. Her sound baths are unique, time-based, improvised ambient musical experiences that encourage deep relaxation and somatic release. Your whole system will resonate and deepen into the harmonic vocals and instrumentals she weaves together. Yaara utilizes looping technology to create luscious vocal-based live transmissions accompanied by singing bowls and other percussive instruments.

Dates / Times / Format

Friday, May 19th, 7:45pm - 9:00pm*


*Arrive on time to settle into the space. Doors will lock at 8pm when the sound bath. We will not be able to let latecomers in once the doors are locked.


Amplifier: $40 - Pays for your spot and supports others

Sustainer: $30 - Pays for your spot

Supported: $20 - A need-based discounted rate. Please select this rate if you cannot afford the regular rate. See our Equity Pricing information to determine whether this rate is for you.

COVID Safety

This event does not have specific protocols in place. We encourage you to wear a mask if that makes you feel more at ease.

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