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Lunar Illuminations with Ceci Orozco

Our Lunar Series is a designated time and space to align breath, body, and intention with the phases of the moon. Our teachers rotate as guides for these classes and bring their own special magic. Each teacher runs the class differently so stay tuned for the specifics of each class.

December Full Moon Practice Honors Illumination

Full moon practice + ritual: a special evening to attune our minds and bodies to the bright, luminous energy of la Luna (the moon). This Luna llena (full moon) will guide us into the portal of winter, inviting us to pause and release what is no longer serving us. We will move slow, rest, and reflect.


Timing, Format and Cost

Format: Livestream

Dates and Times: Dec. 18th, 6:00 - 7:00pm.

Cost: Regular pricing, including class cards, memberships, and drop-in. Equity pricing is available - please be in touch:


About Ceci Orozco

While the industry of yoga and wellness, particularly in the United States, didn’t have full representation of my identities of a person of color, immigrant, Mexican, Latina, and non-native english speaker, I kept showing up to my mat with even more curiosity and courage and questions for what I could bring forth as a student and teacher of yoga. I knew in my heart, I was longing for radical love and change.

I completed my 200hr TT from The Grinning Yogi PDX. After this training, I moved to Gainesville, FL where I founded and managed “Zen Yoga Studio”. During that time, I immersed myself in the wisdom of Āyurveda, bhakti yoga and kirtan. As you can imagine, this too shaped me and opened new doors. I relocated to Portland in October 2018, found The Bhakti Yoga Center Movement and immediately felt inspired and supported by the guidance and teaching style of Lisa Mae. Last Spring, I completed my 300hr of Āyurvedic Clinical Foundations and currently I am a student of the 75hr Skill in Action Training with Michelle Cassandra Johnson.


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