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Yoga for Palestine

Join us for our virtual Palestine solidarity series - a partnership with Yogis for Palestine and the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center 

Since October, 2023, Yogis for Palestine has been hosting in-person solidarity events to purpose our yoga towards collective liberation, and we are thrilled to be able to broaden the circle of support through this virtual platform.

Starting 4/25, we will be offering 6 weeks of classes. You are welcome to join all 6 weeks, or pick and choose individual classes and drop-in when your schedule allows. Classes are guided by rotating teachers and are by-donation.

~ By-donation & Drop-in. All funds going to UNRWA ~

We know that we must fuel and sustain our movements through embodied offerings. We will continue to bring our communities together to process and alchemize our experience and emotions into action towards a permanent ceasefire, a dismantling of the Zionist colonial and apartheid regime, and a free Palestine.  

Dates / Times / Format

Thursdays, Starting April 25th

4pm - 5:15pm PST // 7pm-815pm EST

Livestream with Rotating Teachers


Please donate and register to participate.

About Yogis for Palestine (Y4P)

Y4P is a collective of yoga teachers and students, who strive to embody our practice by politicizing yoga toward action for Palestinian freedom and liberation. We understand that yoga, like any cultural practice, is not inherently liberatory and peaceful; however, we believe yoga can be used toward liberatory politics and collective healing.

While the organizers of our collective reside in Philadelphia, PA (occupied Lenni-Lenape territories), we are open to yogis from around the globe who share our commitment of using yoga toward decolonization, anti-oppression, and social justice liberation to join us in our mission.

Our vision is to witness a free and self-determined Palestine in our lifetime; and to support the collective healing and care of a Palestinian future.

About The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (The BYMC)

The BYMC is located in Portland, OR, and hosts in-person, livestream, and on-demand offerings. We provide trauma-informed and anatomically sound approaches to yoga and movement practices that encourage slowing down and tuning in. We're interested in what is possible when our yoga and movement practices engage and transform, rather than escape, from the complexities of this life. Explore how to harness yoga's liberatory power and move deeper toward individual and collective healing, into true inter-dependance with one another and with the earth.


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