The Bhaktishop's Online Yoga Class Project

Updated: Sep 15

Why online classes?

Well this has been a long and complicated path to getting here for us, as we recognize that yoga is an intimate subject to study, and that there is no real substitute for the one-on-one experience of being in a class with a teacher in which a connection is formed and maintained over a long period of time. Where teachers help students track their progress, give advice and helpful practices to work with, and in general support the student as they grow and transform in the company of the practices, themselves, and other students. We were curious about the process and transmission of yoga, however, and the potential for the sharing of the practices through a new medium. So we asked ourselves some soul-searching questions: Is it possible to bring integrity to the process of online yoga classes? Is it possible to bring the intimacy, personal connection and teaching through to you wherever you are with the highest intent to serve and help? Can our teachers, who thrive in the classroom setting teaching and connecting with actual live human students (not models or paid students, and not just us by ourselves with a mic doing yoga and you following along at home) really bring you into the room, as though you were at a real, live class and not on a sound stage somewhere?