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"I'm not flexible enough for yoga"

From our April '22 newsletter:

We often hear things like.... "You have to be flexible to do yoga" "I'm not strong enough for yoga" "I'm too awkward for yoga" "I'm too fat for yoga" "I have too much body hair for yoga" "Yoga isn't for me because... I don't have fancy yoga pants, I fart and queef, and also, let's be real - just leaving the house is a win..." But what we've heard from you, from the students who do take the giant step to walk into the studio or sign on to the Zoom room, is that our Yoga & Movement Center is unique. That here, every body is a yoga body. That there is no right or wrong time to practice or natural bodily function that is not welcome. As teachers, we are forever students, and we certainly do not have all the answers for how to repair the broken pieces within ourselves and our world. But what we know is, we’re here to mend and build a world that centers love and justice. And to welcome you. You with your stiff and hyper-mobile joints. You with your tired heart. You with your hairy legs and pits. You, with all the fat on your body. With your non-conforming gender expressions. Your frumpy clothes or faboulous glam. If you're pregnant, aging, young, Black, brown, queer. Your injuries and disabilities. Your passions, joy, grief, anger and hope. Are you ready to bring your whole self to the mat?


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