BIPOC-Only Yoga with Jasmine Springs

Updated: Sep 28

Starting in October 2021, Jasmine Springs will be teaching BIPOC-Only Yoga on Sundays at 1pm. To be in Jasmine's presence is like being in the middle of a lush forest at twilight. She is grounded and etherial all at once. We are so lucky to have her on the teaching team at BYMC. Read on to learn about Jasmine, the role yoga plays in her life, and the importance of BIPOC-Only spaces.

What role has yoga played in your life?

I am a strong believer in vulnerability and owning every part of my story or journey. So to be real, yoga saved my life. I came to my practice at one of my lowest points ever, I was struggling with addiction, severe depression and didn’t want to live any more. My inner world was feeling so chaotic and that was blurring and mixing with my outer world. I didn’t know how to be alone with myself. It was through my mindfulness and meditation practice that I was actually able to experience peace within my thought world. I started retraining my brain to react to intrusive thoughts or negative self talk. Connect