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Accessible Yoga: Move Gently + with Support

Join Kate Skaggs for a 3 - week series designed for all abilities.

All too often, yoga practices are taught in ways that are inaccessible and alienating. But yoga is for everyone... at every stage of life... no matter your current abilities and capacities.

This series is held online, so you can practice from the comfort of your home and will recorded as well if there is a better time of day to practice. You will be guided on how to utilize common household items, such as chairs and cushions, to make the physical practices more comfortable and stable.

The intention of this series is to meet you where you are with your yoga practice by encouraging agency, curiosity, and steady connection with breath. Each class will follow a similar structure including guided meditation (concentration and visualization techniques), pranayama (energy work directed by the breath), asana (yoga postures) and overall gentle and restorative movement practices.

Great for folks with limited mobility, recovering from injury, brand new to yoga, or just want to take it a bit more slowly. Please reach out to Kate if you have questions about whether this series is suitable for you, considering your various access needs.

Date / Time / Format

A 3-week series

Tuesday, August 6th, 13th and 20th

7:00am - 8:00am 

Livestream + recording provided


Amplifier - $69 pays for your spot and supports others

Sustainer - $59 pays for your spot

Supported - $49 a need-based discounted rate. Please select this rate if you cannot afford the regular rate. See our equity pricing information to determine whether this rate is for you

Equity pricing is available - please reach out to

About Kate Skaggs (she/they)

A curiosity of exploring inner and outer landscapes gently pulled me into practicing yoga many years ago. The practice offered a small space in the day to slow down, be more deliberate about where I focused my attention, and heal.

I am actively, humbly, working to dismantle my internalized implicit biases but know that I will make mistakes; accountability and integrity matter to me and I am working to grow those skills when the impact of my words or actions cause harm. The linkage of yoga philosophy to the rest of life is what I hope to hold space for others to explore through asana (postures) in a similar way; taking experiences from one’s own mat back out into daily life.

I am especially passionate about offering classes accessible to people who are curious about yoga and am dedicated to providing many different suggestions for ways of engaging with these practices.


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