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School of Yoga and Somatics

Hosted by The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center


Yoga School & Teacher Training

An in-depth education on the healing potential of yoga and accessibility. Learn to guide beginners through foundational yoga practices using anatomical, somatic, and trauma-informed sequencing and teaching skills. 

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something deep inside is calling...

and you’re listening

"Training with The BYMC has been an incredibly healing and transformative process. Through this yoga teacher training, I developed a deeper relationship with yoga and its philosophy. Yoga is a journey of self-inquiry, compassion, non-judgement and curiosity for the world and all its beings. To me, it is magic. ✨Yoga has the power to reduce stress, heal trauma, connect bodies and minds, and generate and purify energy.✨I feel so grateful to have deepened my knowledge of the practice with The BYMC and am looking forward to continuing my journey with them. 🧡🧡🧡" - Tania Ahmed, 2022 graduate

We imagine you’re here because yoga practices have had a positive, and maybe even transformational, impact on your life. They've been a refuge, a healing salve, a place to rest and a way to re-energize to engage more meaningfully with the world.​ Perhaps:

  • You crave a deeper, fuller, more nuanced and healing-centered understanding of yoga

  • You're ready to deepen and transform your self and your relationship to the world around you

  • You’re committed to honoring the roots of yoga by learning with South Asian teachers, in a program that weaves the cultural and historical context of these practices into its fabric

  • You desire a small, in-person learning community, with mentorship and connection

  • You believe in making yoga more accessible and equitable and, perhaps, you want to see yourself and your communities reflected in yoga space

If any of this resonates, apply to join our beautiful sangha (learning and practice community)!

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An 8-month immersion that fits within a 9 - 5 work schedule 


Program Spans: Sept 1st, 2023 - May 10th, 2024

Self Directed Study: Sept 1st - Sept 21st

Opening Ceremony: Sept 22nd

Graduation: May 10th


General Schedule (Sept 22nd - May 10th):

In 2023, Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 8:30pm (online)

In 2024, Tuesdays switch to 6am - 8am (online)

Fridays, 5:30pm - 8:45pm (in-person) 

Every other weekend (in-person)

Saturdays, 1:00pm - 6:00pm  

Sundays, 1:00pm - 5:00pm 

9/23 - 9/24

10/7 - 10/8

10/21 - 10/22

11/3 - 11/5

11/18 - 11/19

12/2 - 12/3

12/16 - 12/17

1/27 - 1/28

2/10 - 2/11

2/24 - 2/25

3/9 - 3/10

3/23 - 3/24

4/6 - 4/7

4/20 - 4/21

5/4 - 5/5


No Class

Friday, 11/24th

Winter Break: December 20th - January 25th

Spring Break: March 11th - 21st

Yoga can be an antidote for the ways that systems of power play out in our bodies and minds.

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Who can apply?

You are welcome to apply if:

  • you have a genuine wish to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga.

  • you have experience with yoga. Due to the intensity and duration of the program, it is important that applicants have experience with yoga. If you're brand new to yoga, we invite you to take classes at our studio before applying.

  • If you've taken a yoga teacher training in the past, you're welcome to apply. Our curriculum is deeply enriching and can suit new teachers and those already on the path.

"My understanding of yoga has completely shifted. Before the program, yoga was kind of a safe haven that I turned to when I needed, but now it is a philosophy that I live by" - Jackie Kinner, 2022 graduate

Learn to share from a grounded and skillful place.


Program Highlights - 300 hours of in depth yoga study

  • Yoga for Trauma Healing 

  • Experiential Anatomy 

  • Yoga Philosophy & History

  • Yamas and Niyamas - Ethical Precepts of yoga 

  • Subtle Body: Chakras, Bhandas, Nadis, Prana, and more

  • Restorative Yoga Intro 

  • Teaching Methodology

  • How to sequence a class

  • Creative use of props

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies Intro 

  • Prenatal Yoga Intro 

  • Sanskrit 

  • Pranayama 

  • Meditation 

  • Ayurveda Intro 

  • Disability Justice in Yoga 

  • Daily Ritual and Practice

  • Decolonizing Yoga

Take a closer look at what you'll learn


Trauma Healing

Our bodies hold our wounding and potential to heal. Learn to guide others with compassion and skill to help unlock these healing pathways. We explore trauma through a cultural lens, examining how generational and systemic power dynamics play out in our bodies. Learn about the nervous system and practical ways to create trauma informed spaces.

Core Faculty

Our core faculty brings decades of experience teaching yoga and training others in the art of guiding these practices. We infuse these teachings with our backgrounds in public and mental health, bodywork, love of nature and art, community organizing and advocacy. You will also learn from guest experts in a variety of topics, including disability justice, pre and postnatal yoga, Ayurveda, and somatics.

Meet the Faculty


Tara Sonali Miller

Tara (they/them + she/her) offers warm and skillful guidance, supporting trainees to hone their skills and teach from a centered and grounded place. Tara's decade-long experience in justice advocacy and education informs her approach to examining power dynamics within yoga contexts and beyond.

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Zeyah Rogé

Zeyah (she/her + they/them) is a bodyworker, somatic psychotherapist, and trauma healing specialist. Zeyah brings a decade of experience training yoga teachers and enjoys utilizing creative and experiential approaches so that learning can be fun, empowering, and a site of healing.


Khushi Malhotra

Khushi (she/her) is a global teacher and offers accessible approaches to yoga philosophy, pranayama, and subtle-body anatomy. She holds a masters in Social Work and Public Health and is informed by art and nature. She honors these ancient teachings as she inspires modern application.


“I chose to study at The BYMC because of the trauma-informed teaching as well as equity and racial justice... 

...It was important to me that I had access to teachers of color and that the studio had more than a surface level commitment to equity and inclusion. As a Black woman tired of spaces where white fragility is more important than my life, I would not deal with a teacher training drowning in spiritual bypassing.


The teachers are knowledgeable, humble, and invested in students’ growth. Nothing is perfect, and I know that The BYMC's teachers will continue to trudge through the messiness of injustice to unlearn and counter the appropriation and exclusion in westernized yoga practices — that means the world to me. ”

- Danielle Jones, 2019 Cohort

Tuition: 4,499 


  • 300 hours of education

  • Unlimited classes at the BYMC

  • Continuous mentorship throughout the program 

  • Discounts for most BYMC workshops during the program

  • Discounts for future teacher trainings

  • Connection to BYMC alumni network 

Community Care Rate: 3,500

(limited spots available)

Some scholarship funding available

be in touch!


Other things to note:

  • Payment plans are available 

  • All rates include a $700 non-refundable deposit 

  • If the above rates don't work for you, please reach out. Depending on sign ups and the generosity of donors and fellow cohort members, we may be able to offer additional support. 

  • Donate here to increase access to this training for those who need it!

  • Entering this program is a significant commitment - we encourage you to ask questions, meet with faculty, and get to know our Center as you make this decision.

  • Please review the FAQ section below and reach out if your questions!