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Practice Reset: 3 weeks of sun salutations

Jumpstart the regular practice you keep wishing for... Now's the time!

Come to your mat 3 times a week for a half hour of morning sun salutations - a cyclical yoga practice that invigorates the body, deepens the breath, and starts they day off right. Suitable for students who are comfortable with a flow-based class where postures are taken in continuous motion without much attention to the details of alignment.

Each day we will dive into movement after a few minutes of intentional arrival and end with a couple minutes of rest or meditation. The practice will be similar each class so you can focus less on new movements and more on deepening your experience of breath and presence.

Timing, Format and Cost

Format: Livestream

Dates and Times: M/W/F: April 11th - April 29th, 7:30am - 8:00am Cost: $108

Members, please for your discount*!

Tier 1 members: 5% off

Tier 2 members: 10% off

Tier 3 members: 15$ off

*members who choose to forgo their discount can give the equivalent amount to the BIPOC Scholarship Fund.

Equity pricing is available - please be in touch:


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