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New Year’s Eve Morning Practice: Shifts, Leaps, and Transitions

Join Sahar for an active morning practice to mark the transition from 2022 to 2023. This is an opportunity to feel into the immense capacity of our bodies to hold all that we have been through over the past year - the joy and the grief, the success and challenge, the heartbreak and celebration. We'll use the movement of our bodies and breath to reflect, to feel our power, and to make space, as we transition into the new year.

Dates / Times / Format

December 31st, 9:00am - 10:15am PST

In-person and Livestream

Covid Safety for In-person Students

Please email your proof of covid vaccination to or arrive with a negative covid test time stamped from the day of the event. Wear a mask when you arrive to the studio. We will conduct an anonymous poll at the start of class to see if anybody needs everyone to stay masked to be safe. If that need isn't present then individuals can choose to practice with or without masks. This is the best way for us to care for our most vulnerable.



Equity Pricing Available


About Sahar Yarjani

Sahar (They / Them, She / Her)offers a mix of breath linked movement, free exploration and play, and functional strength and mobility exercises. They value creating space for you to connect and get to know your body with lots of invitations to follow your own intuition and do what you need to support yourself on any given day.


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