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Moving Into Stillness with Danielle Hanna

Our Lunar Series is a designated time and space to align breath, body, and intention with the phases of the moon. Our teachers rotate as guides for these classes and bring their own special magic. Each teacher runs the class differently so stay tuned for the specifics of each class.

December Dark Moon Practice Honors Stillness

Join Danielle Hanna for a quiet, dark new moon practice. We will take our cues from the dark moon sky and move softly and quietly, guiding our hearts and practice towards the inner landscapes with breath, gentle movement and thoughtful awareness.

Timing, Format and Cost

Format: Livestream

Dates and Times: Dec. 3, 7:00 - 8:00pm.

Cost: Regular pricing, including class cards, memberships, and drop-in. Equity pricing is available - please be in touch:


About Danielle Hanna

I love languages, cultures, timeless wisdom backed by age old scripture, art in its many, many forms, experimenting, nature, laughing, taking chances, pure, from the heart because that’s all I've got: Faith and LOVE. And when I met Ayurveda and realized there was a science and practice for all of this love, I was STRUCK. For the first time for me, all of my passions, interests and sincere beliefs had a vehicle, a masterpiece, a complete practice and study: the age old, time honored, wise, completely sensical, Ayurveda.

I am a forever student. I believe this to be one of my core oaths. As such, I think I will always be in school. I hold my Masters of Arts in Ayurveda (M.A., C.A.P.) through the NAMA and from the beautiful community in the Watsonville, CA, the Mt. Madonna Institute. I have had the good fortune to receive sincere training there by amazing teachers, for which I am eternally inspired and grateful. I completed my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification (C.A.P.) there as well.


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