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Practices for personal and collective liberation 

$30 for 30 days unlimited access to in-person and livestream classes

Practices for personal and collective liberation 

Practices for personal and collective liberation 

$30 for 30 Days Unlimited Access to in-person* and livestream classes

* See our in-person covid protocol


Practice amongst community in the sanctuary of our studio in SE Portland, Oregon.

(see our covid safety protocols)


All our classes, including In-Person classes at the studio, are livestreamed so you can practice with us from anywhere!


Enjoy over 600 on-demand classes. Practice at the pace and time that works for you with the teachers you love.

Life moves fast.
Yoga doesn't have to.

We provide trauma-informed and anatomically sound approaches to yoga and movement practices that encourage slowing down and tuning in.

Connect & Deepen


Practice with peers who share similar identities and experiences. We offer BIPOC and LGBTQ2S classes, pre and post natal programming, Spanish-speaking instruction, and more.


Enrich your practice with offerings like, experiential anatomy, seasonal and nature-based practices, Ayurveda, therapeutic classes, and retreats. Hosted by our regular and visiting teachers.


Build a solid foundation in yoga & somatic practices through our immersion program. Learn to skillfully and thoughtfully guide others through our Teacher Training Program.

"Social change is a marathon.
The difference between a marathon and a sprint is you have to pause to breathe." -Kazu Haga

Discover what is possible when our yoga and movement practices help us to engage and transform, rather than escape. Harness their liberatory power and move deeper toward individual and collective healing, into true inter-dependance with one another and with the earth.

Upcoming Events

"What lies ahead?
Reimagining the world.
Only that." -Arundhati Roy

Let's face it, yoga studios aren't cheap and many people can't afford to practice within the mainstream model. We are doing everything we can to offer accessible pricing options and pay our teachers. However, we need community help to provide a robust, sustainable, and equitable program. Our dream is that no one will be turned away for lack of funds and that everyone who wants to practice with us can. 

Help spread the love!

Support Our Community Practice Fund


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2500 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

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